Dua Istikhara

Dua Istikhara

Dua Istikhara

Dua Istikhara


Dua Istikhara is a guidance prayer that Allah guides you towards that, which is best for you. If you do this prayer in a proper manner, most importantly if you truly consign the matter to Allah, then Allah make events unfold in the direction that is best for you. This prayer is meant for getting the best. Dua Istikhara prayer may be made for a specific matter or be made for a general seeking of all that is best. One can perform this prayer before doing any important task and can see the best result in front of them.


Dua Istikhara for Marriage in English

This will happen with everyone that when one wants to get married there is a great confusion in choosing the life partner. This is the biggest decision of everyone’s life. A wrong decision either will spoil their life or make it like a hell. Even if you want to marry someone and face some problem in your marriage then to overcome from all of these situations Dua Istikhara for Marriage in English will help you for taking the right decision. Dua Istikhara for Marriage in English is provided so that the people of other religion who do not know Urdu can also make this prayer for better guidance in their life.


Dua Istikhara for Love

If you love someone and want to create love in that person then you are at the right place. Do not waste your time and start doing Dua Istikhara for Love. This will definitely satisfy you by providing the desired results. Dua Istikhara for Love is meant for helping the person who is seeking for their love. Even if you want to make your relation strong with your loved one then also this prayer is helpful for you.


Dua Istikhara for Job

Seeking for a job? Even after trying a lot, you are not getting the desired job? Then just have faith on Dua Istikhara for Job and start this prayer you will see the miracle by your own. Dua Istikhara for Job will guide you properly for making the best decision for your life. This will also guide you which job is best for you and even guide you to choose the best one between two permissible alternatives. When you get your desired job, you will be obviously happy and will always perform your best.


Dua Istikhara for Divorce

Sometimes marriage becomes a burden for many people, the couples will argue with each other fight with each other. At that time, they find divorce to be the best solution. However, this is not the right solution. Dua Istikhara for Divorce will help you to taking right decision. Dua Istikhara for Divorce is a powerful prayer with the help of which you will get divorced with your partner only if your future is not secure with your partner. And if your partner is best for you and there will be a chances to overcome all these situations then this prayer will provide you proper guidance.

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