Stop Hair Fall Islamic Dua

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Stop Hair Fall Islamic Dua

Stop Hair Fall Islamic Dua, Hair loss has become the main issue for the youth as every men and women has the problem of hair fall and slow hair growth. This problem may be due to several reasons include lifestyle, unbalanced diet and many more. You might be looking forward for better options to cure these problems. It is hard to get effective way to deal with the problems associated with hair growth and loss. It is better to try some effective ways to solve the problem permanently.


Hair fall is a challenging problem in females and males. Nowadays it has become a big problem and every young and old aged people face this problem. Men face hair falling more than women. People try lots of medical procedures and home remedies to get of this issue, but they fail. This guide offer you and unique and ultimate way to deal with the issues associated with hair loss. Islamic Dua to Stop Hair Fall in Quran stop hair falling and promote hair growth.

Pattern hair loss is the main kind of hair loss that affects men generally. In this kind of hair loss, normal growth of hair changes with time and hair fall starts slowly and leads baldness. If you are facing the problem of slow hair growth and no medical procedure is working, then you need to try islamic dua to prevent hair loss and promote growth. This is ultimate way help you get rid the problem of hair loss. This is simple to use and brings effective results. This problem can be cured easily with the help of Islamic dua. So don’t worry about it and make your efforts to overcome with this.

islamic dua to prevent hair loss

Every day many people losses some hair and these are replaced with some new strands of hair. There are some renewable processes run in our body system. The reappearance of new hair slows down with age and finally stops.  You start losing hair and your look becomes dull.  Everybody wants beautiful and shining hair as these articles make your personality more attractive.

  • Bismillaaah hirRaaahmaaan nirRaaaheem | In The Name of Allah The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful | SaaallaaaLLaaaHU aaalaaa Muh’aaammaaad SaaallaaaLLaaaHU aaalaaayhe Waaa Waaasaaallaaam ||
  • You need to read as “ aaallaaahoo aaal Baaariyoo aaal Kaaabeeruu” for 313 times every day after Nawaz. Pray to Allah (the most spiritual power of universe) for your hair growth and blow on your hands to run over your hair. You can also apply oil to your hair.
  • You need to recite this dua in odd numbers as many times as you wish. More you recite, more would be effective.
  • You must also continue to pray 5 times Salah and other associated rituals and recites this dua as “Yaaaaaa Munaaazzilaaaaaash Shaaafaaaaaa’i Waaaaaa Muzhh’hibaaadhh Daaa’i aaanzill ‘aaalaaah Maaaaaabhi Minn Daaaaaa’inn Shaaafaaa’aaann”.
  • Recite it for 3 times over your hair oil and do blow upon oil, before applying it to the hair.
  • Allah would definitely protect you from problems of hair loss.

dua to get rid of hair fall

Today, males have baldness problems and it is a serious issue. Even young boys can face these problems of baldness, hair loss or thin hair in the age of 19 or less. Females are also associated with the hair loss problems but not in the early age. They face this problem in the age of 30-50. But you need not to worry about your problem as dua to get rid of hair fall in the Islam is best for growth of hair and stop hair fall.

dua for beautiful long hair

This is an Islamic Dua to stop hair loss in every age men and women. Recite Aayat and offer dua for 5 times for better results.  This is the best solution to stop hair fall. Hope You like the post. Comment below if you have any question about this post.

You need to recite this dua as ““aaal Kaaaaaarimul aaa’aaas Waaaaaal Maaafaaanaaaaaatul Faaaaaamm”” for 100 times and blow some water to wash your scalp. Wash your scalp thrice in a week with this water. Do it for one month on regular basis. You would see good results and growth of hair. This is really very useful wazifa for those who want to promote their hair growth or increase the length and size of hair.

This can be very useful for girls who love long hair. Those girls who have been medical procedures, shampoos, medicines and oils to increase hair size and length, then can use this dua for long hair.

Read Surah Fatiha 7 times after every Fardh salah. Blow on your palm and wipe it over your entire head. It also helps promote hair growth and stop hair fall.

If you don’t have idea about how to get Islamic dua and its rituals, then you need to consult with a specialist. An expert tells you the better ways to deal with this kind of problem. If you choose Islamic Dua/wazifa to get the solution of your problems, you need to follow right rituals and procedures.

You need to work under the guidance of an expert; it will make it easy for you to perform it in right way. So don’t think much about your hair problem and you need not to try any other medical procedures to deal with them.