Dua To Reject Marriage Proposal

Dua To Reject Marriage Proposal
Dua To Reject Marriage Proposal

Dua To Reject Marriage Proposal

Dua To Reject Marriage Proposal or hadith on rejecting marriage proposal can be use to cancel marriage. Our dua to stop forced marriage is really strong to solve your problem.

Some of the marriage proposals do not please you. This is because you don’t like them. For many people, they don’t get the chance or choosing or rejecting a proposal on their own.

Their parents look for a person that they like and forget about your expectations. You can surely want to reject some of the plans, but your parents might not want the same.

Dua To Reject Marriage Proposal
Dua To Reject Marriage Proposal

For this, we have the most effective and powerful dua that can help you to reject a marriage proposal that you want. Dua can do what your action might find hard to do.

As your words or actions can hurt the sentiments of your parents, you must look for a different option. An option that can help you reject a proposal with your parents’ consent is possible with our dua.

Therefore, we suggest you must perform this dua that can make easy paths for you. The Islamic way is the best way to make your wishes come true.

Hadith On Rejecting A Marriage Proposal

Hadith On Rejecting A Marriage Proposal, Hadith is a precious gift to humanity by our prophet Muhammad (sallallahualaihiwasalam). It is nothing but the teaching of him. It helps us in every step of our life. Your lifestyle can be better if you follow hadith.

Hadith consists of solutions in every situation of your life. When it comes to adopting a better lifestyle or marriage related problems, hadith is always there to provide you with the most appropriate path.

If you are in a stage of your life where your parents have found a person to marry you but you don’t feel like marrying. It is because you haven’t come across the person whom you can marry without hesitation.

If you are wondering what to do so that you reject a person without making your parents angry, you must read hadith on rejecting marriage proposal. 

You need to be firm and talk to your parents in such a way that your obedience overwhelm them to make them think whether their decision can destroy your life. All you got to do is to affirm with whatever they want. In this way, they can think of your wishes and care for your choice.

If you become successful in making them happy, they will never be going to marry you to someone whom you have never seen. If you sincerely follow hadith on rejecting marriage proposal.

You will never get disappointed. The Almighty Allah has always loved Prophet Muhammad. Allah will always listen to your prayers only if you follow his beloved Muhammad’s teachings.  If you have got any doubts, you can quickly consult Islamic scholars.

Dua To Cancel Marriage

Dua To Cancel Marriage, Everyone has to marry, but it must be of their own choice. But, many of the youngsters in our culture feel dependent on their family. Even, they do not get to choose the right person to marry.

Moreover, families play the lead role in selecting the person they like. They don’t feel about the happiness of their children. Whether they are happy or not, they have no choice. On the other hand, the person does not want to let his/her family down. So they agree on the marriage to make their family happy.

In Islam, marriage is a duty, and every individual needs to get married at the right time. Islam allows you to marry whoever you want. Islam has no restrictions on your feelings. You should be listening to your heart and go for the right choice. But, your hands are tied, and you are hopeless.

If you are in a situation where your parents have fixed your marriage, you might not have the courage to talk to your parents and cancel the marriage. It seems too late to do so. Your parents might get hurt by your decision at such a moment.

You surely be needing a perfect solution that does not tear your family apart. Hence, we are here to provide the most effective and powerful dua to cancel marriage. Here is the following dua to cancel marriage:

hasbunallahuwani mal wakil

Recite the dua mentioned above to cancel marriage for 100 times every time you offer prayers.

Dua To Stop A Forced Marriage

Dua To Stop A Forced Marriage, Forced marriage is a threat to the sound health of the society. It has been affecting not only the couple but also their families. Parents often not listen to their children, and forcefully marry them to a person they want.

They don’t even want to know what their children have wished for and whom they want to marry. A forced marriage is hardly successful. Both of the partners won’t be able to share the bond that a husband and wife have.

If you are among those victims, you surely going to need the most helpful solution. In such a critical case where your parents have fixed your marriage, everything is happening according to them.

You might not even think of talking to them. You don’t want to disappoint your family in any way. But, it is high time to act accordingly by taking help from Islamic remedies.

Islam has a solution for every critical problem. It is the time when you can go for the Islamic way, or you will be going to regret your idleness at the moment of concern.  We have a powerful dua to stop the forced marriage.

Here is the following procedure to undergo the whole process effectively:

  1. Offer five-time prayers
  2. Perform this dua after fajr prayers.
  3. Read DuroodShareef eleven times
  4. Then read Surah Lahab forty-one times
  5. Read the followingdua to stop a forced marriage

BismillaahirRahmaanir Raheem

Tab bat yadaaabeeLahabinw-watabb

Maaaghna ‘anhumaaluhuwa ma Kasab



Fee jeedihahablummim-masad

  1. Lastly, recite DuroodShareef eleven times.

You have to perform this dua to stop forced marriage with proper intention and sincerity to notice positive outcomes.

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