Dua For Business Problems

Dua For Business Problems
Dua For Business Problems

Dua For Business Problems

Dua For Business Problems, Wealth is the greatest blessing of Allah. If you have a business and if this business is doing well. The successful business increases your wealth.

When a person starts a business he/she has big expectations from that business. Every person wants to gain profit in his/her business. Successful persons run a successful business.

Dua For Business Problems
Dua For Business Problems

There is a lot of concerns in the minds of individual whether his/her business would achieve success. Or how to start the business in a way to gain only success profit. Every individual is worried about the question that if his business did not do well what could be the outcome.

Nowadays all businessman want to gain popularity with his/her business. No one wants that his/her business should collapse as its start. Business starter man who belongs to the middle class or lower class is more worried about this situation. He/ she try to do much better from the start of business.

The fact is that if a man who belongs to an upper family or much wealthy family starts a business can take risks. If his/her business collapses, he/she can bear the aftershock. But a person who has come from a lower or middle-class family has much concern about the start of business.

He/she tries to establish the business by taking extra care from the beginning to the progress of the business. Also, this cannot be denied that whether a person is from upper, middle or lower class family has concerns about the business, but their level of interest about the business is different from one another.

Dua to prevent yourself from business problems

“Allaahuma  inner As-Aluka  Min Khayrihaa Wa Khayri Ahilhaa  Wa  A-O’Od’U Bika Min SharriWahaa Shaari Ahilhaa”

As you are thinking of establishing of starting a business. To establish the will of Allah in every work or business, it is called Istikhara in Islam. Istikhara is derived from the Arabic word means ”Need grace of Allah.” You must do perform Salut-Ul-Istikhara before starting the business.

Because it is a powerful tool to seek the guidance of Allah to help you whether your decision to establishing this business is right or wrong. A Muslim person should not hesitate in trying the advice of Allah before the start of any work.

How to perform Salat-Ul-Istikhara

It is one of the easiest ways of getting guidance from Allah for your work. Because every person is worried about his/her decision before starting any work. Also, offer this Salah for big decisions not small one since starting the business is big decisions of life so you can provide this salah.

Perform this Salat as follow:

  • Offer two Rakat of Salat also to the daily Salats performed in a day.


  • Ask Allah to guide you with whatever he commands to be good for you and keep away for whatever is not meant for you. Pray for righteousness and ikhlaas (genuineness)


  • After this Salat when you are doing this Dua put your actual matter or decision before Allah. The fact is that after you perform this Salat, this is said that nothing come in the form of signs or your dreams. Allah drives you on the right path to take that decision. Allah helps you make a move towards that path or not if he wishes.

In order to start a business and if you want that you become a successful businessman. You have to do this dua as you start your business.

InshAllah your business will prosper, and you will become one of the successful businessman or woman in life. This dua will create new paths for your business to gain more profits.

Now the question is that you have established a business after many years of an unbeaten run. The business was on heights. The profit was high; everything related to your business was on top. Suddenly after some years, your business started losing the advantage.

You got grabbed in financial problems. Your all efforts turned into vain. When you hear that your export business suffered a massive loss. So what you will do. What is the solution to this grim situation? The loss of business brought many miseries for you and your family.

A man who has strong faith (Iman) cannot lose his heart. He can never lose hope in one that is Allah. He believes that if Allah has brought him in these situations, Allah has a better plan for me.

Allah takes a test of me whether I will remain on a path or not. Allah has a better idea for me. These clouds of dark due to business loss will overcome, and Allah will send a ray of bright sunshine for me which is not far away from me.

On the other hand, a man who does not believe in Allah lost his hope. He has poor Imaan. He believes that everything will get destroyed with this loss and he will never come back again to his excellent situation.

You have suffered a loss in business. Now to overcome these situations here is Wazifia for you which will help you to gain your lost business again:

  • Recite 11 times Durood-e-Ibraheem.
  • Recitation of this Ayat from the Quran 100 times at the time of Fajr
  • الاھم لاتیفن بھ عبادہی یرظق منی یہشوولاہ واسعن علیم.” “
  • Again Durood-e-Ibraheem 11 times
  • Now read “Ya Lateefo” 111 times.

You have to recite this Wazifia daily.

Insha Allah will help you to gain the lost business. While performing theses Wazifia and Dua I person should be patient and did not wait for the answers. He/she must have the patience for the answer.

We should be patient enough after theses Dua that we do not put the timetable for Allah like that he must send his decision on your work before this date or that date.

Our patients should be significant such that we think that Allah has listened to our matter and he is the best answering person in the whole universe.

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