Dua To Stop Family Fights

Dua To Stop Family Fights
Dua To Stop Family Fights

Dua To Stop Family Fights

Dua To Stop Family Fights, If you consciously or sub-consciously feel depressed or uncomfortable, one of the reasons may be fighting in your family. The fight may be verbal or physical. It may be between your parents; maybe between your spouse or possibly among siblings.

There may be many reasons for the fight. But what makes you the worst of the mental sufferer is when there is a family fight without any reason, or a mountain is made out of a mole.

The fight may begin with some small reason and can ultimately lead to a hot exchange of words, character assassination or even a physical fight. Whoever are the participants to the fight, you as a member of the family are worst affected.

Dua To Stop Family Fights
Dua To Stop Family Fights

But, you should not be amazed to know that family fight is a ubiquitous feature in all families; whether joint or nuclear. All family members have their fair share of arguments.

Having said so, it may not be judicious on your part to accept family fight as it comes. If it is of a prolonged or continuous nature, it is high time; you find out a permanent solution.

And there cannot be anything better than dua to stop the family fight. As per Islamic faith, whatever ordained by the Allah Paak will happen. At the same time, if you sincerely supplicate before Him, He is the All-Merciful and Benevolent.

He is fully aware of your mental and physical sufferings and wants that you should place your problems before him. It is for you to choose the perfect medium; dua to stop the family fight.

Allah Taala has first concern and cares for you and your family. Dua is the Islamic way of the supplication of Allah Paak by reciting certain verses (dua) with predetermined languages and in a prescribed manner and time.

Reciting a dua for supplication to Allah Pack is a highly sacred and holy action. Therefore, before performing any dua, you need to be cleansed both physically and mentally.

The primary need is that you should perform wazu or oblution by thrice washing with clean water, your hands up to the elbow, the whole of your face, inside of your nostrils, head (scalp) and ears.

To make yourself mentally cleansed, you should take away all evil thoughts from your mind, lest Satan distracts you. Allah Paak, disliked Satan, the most. Therefore, when you are performing a dua to stop the family fight, the notorious Satan may try to disturb you.

Make yourself determined to send your supplication to Allah Paak through Prophet Swale Rsulillah waleahe Sallam. Most importantly, you should perform the dua under the spiritual guidance of an Islamic Guru who is well-versed in the performance of the act.

You must start recitation of the dua to stop the family fight with bismillah-hir-Rehman-nir-Rahim which implies that at the very outset, you call the holy Allah paak, Secondly, to keep the Saitan away from the sacred work, recite awuzu-billah he minas sitwannitrazepam.

If the family fight is between your parents, ask Allah to forgive them and to create love between them. Dua has supernatural power as they are extracted from the holy book, the Quran. If an expert on the family fight has recommended your prayer, good senses are sure to prevail upon your parents or members of your family.

Absolute peace will reign in your house, and you will enjoy a life of friendship, mutual trust, love, affection, and sharing. Always keep In mind, He is the most Benevolent and Merciful to every living being in the world. Allah will shower His bounties upon you.

Here is a specific procedure of dua to stop the family fight for getting the definite positive result. After performing the Ishan (Night) prayer, sit calmly on the Jaa-namaaz (sitting mat) and start with reading the Darood Shereef for eleven times. After this, recite the following dua, an extract of which is given.

The Islamic Guru will provide the whole dua. “ Ya Hakkaki La Ilaha Anta Subhanaka In kuntum Minnal Zaa limeIlmukaa Bihali Subhanallah Quarehill kaderila Kaafiyaa.” Since the dua to stop a family fight is in the Arabic language, you need to pronounce correctly. Of course, the Dua expert will guide you in this respect.

Recite this dua after the recitation of Darood Shereef for eleven times. You must recite the above dua for hundred and forty-one times. Immediately after completion of the dua, you should describe the Darood Shereef again for eleven times. Perform all these with patience.

Marriage is no doubt sweet but often becomes sour too due to lack of mutual trust, love compatibility, and understanding. In case things aggravate, chances are there, you may think of resorting to divorce. But, there is a more natural way for you.

Consult an Islamic Guru; specialist in dua and perform dua to stop the family fight. As a remedial measure to matrimonial discord with your spouse, you can play a Wazifa before the first Friday night of an Islamic month.

You need to recite Ayat-e-Karima for nine hundred times, followed by Dorood Shereef eleven times  Ayate-e- Karma has mentioned above. If you consult the right Islamic Guru, he will guide you further in this regard.

The Sura (verse) has magnetic and mystic power and can annihilate any black magic. Sometimes, your rivals and seemingly friendly persons cast black magic to create a hostile environment in your family.

You may not probably be aware that family fight may arise in your house due to evil eyes, had ( destructive envy), jinnat, and devils. These are all negative supernatural powers that can be eliminated only through real psychic ability.

The best option before you is dua to stop the family fight. The prophet (SAW) is said to seek refuge with Khuda Talia. The Quran is universally accepted as a Shiffa that implies cure; cure to every kind of human trouble and suffering.

The specific extracts of the Sura (verses) will bring normalcy in your house, and the family fight will be a bygone feature for you (Inshallah)

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